Friday, November 12, 2010

285 days and still counting...

So who is to blame for not getting these accounts/annual return into the Charity Commissions in time? According to the Charity Commission website these are the culprits:

MR DEREK GILES - Town Councillor and ex District Councillor
MR ANDREW BOULTON - Ex Town Councillor - in December 2008. Shouldn't be on the list.
MRS JENNIFER BIRD - Town Councillor. Leader of the Conservatives on the Town Council.
MRS BRENDA ARNOLD - Town Councillor
MR ROBERT EATON - Town Councillor and ex District Councillor
MRS KENDAL COOPER  - Town Councillor and District Councillor
JULIA HAYWARD - Town Councillor. Leader of Town Council Liberal Democrats
MRS DIANA COLLINS - Town Councillor
MR LESLIE ROBERTS - Town Councillor
DAVID HARTY - Town, District and County Councillor - County Cabinet member for Learning
MR PAUL URSELL - Town and District Councillor
MS FIONA BIRKS - Ex Town Councillor - should have lost this position when she resign in March.
MR BARRY CHAPMAN - Town Councillor and District Councillor
MR ALAN CUMMINGS - Town Councillor and Deputy Mayor
MR GORDON THORPE - Town Councillor, District Councillor and Town Mayor
MR DOUGLAS TERRY - Town Councillor
Steve van de Kerkhove - Town Councillor and District Councillor since January 2009.
Oliver Reynalds - Town Councillor since May 2010. Should be a Trustee but cannot confirm this.

All the above, except Oliver Reynalds as I cannot confirm he is now a Trustee and Andrew Boulton who resigned in 2008, are all jointly and severally liable for getting these accounts and annual report into the Charity Commissioners. They had 10 months. They are 285 days overdue the 10 months. If the Town Councillors are running this Swimming Pool trust in this way, just think how badly they are running the rest of the Town Council!

The Town Council says it doesn't administer the Swimming Pool Trust and that it is separate. Legally the Town Council and Swimming Pool Trust are separate. They are also recognised as a related party because they have so much in common.
Time the Town Council and the Swimming Pool Trust got their respective acts together and not only publish 2008/09 Accounts but the 2009/10 Accounts which are due in January 2011.

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