Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How odd - found another letter from Mandy Thomas

What is the difference between these two letters from Cllr Mandy Thomas?

The answer is the one on the left was sent into the News and Crier and printed in their 28/10/10 edition. The one on the right (blue) was printed in the Hunts Post edition of ...... wait for it ...... 5th March 2008. The reason I looked this up is because the Conservatives are denying it was them who sent it in. Except the letter in the Hunts Post is from Mandy Thomas.

Why did I investigate? There was a rumour that something was amiss with the letter posted on 28th October 2010. Re-reading the letter I saw some clues. Mandy stood and beat Derek Giles in May 2008. The Liberal Democrats had won the Town Council in May 2007. This letter made sense if it was written in March 2008. I therefore looked on the Hunts Post website and found this letter.

The first question is: Who sent this in? The answer is either a diabolical plan by the Liberal Democrats who re-wrote this letter and sent it in or it is a Conservative muck up and they sent this letter in by mistake.

The Liberal Democrats are worth looking at because, as a party, they have form for doing a Woolas. The Liberal Democrats are not pure in this respect. The second option is the Conservative muck up option and they sent the wrong letter into the News and Crier. This is very credible and is the probable answer.

On the balance of probabilities I feel the answer is the Conservative muck up option. They sent the wrong letter into the News and Crier. Having found out it was the wrong letter they decided to make the News and Crier apologise for the printing the Conservatives mistake. This is wrong!

We all make mistakes and some of us can take the blame and apologise when we are wrong. But to blame the News and Crier for printing a letter the Conservatives sent in is wrong and not worthy of the St Neots Conservatives. Maybe the St Neots Conservatives are taking lessons from their HDC who blame the previous Government/new Coalition for all their woes.

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