Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Eatons Community Centre breaks planning conditions.

Any Council should always look to the law rather than what is expedient. The Town Council has a problem with the Eatons Community Centre. Instead of building a cheap hall for the area, the Town Council decided to embark on a grandiose scheme to build a large community centre abutting local housing. This led to restrictions being put on the building which the Town Council has found restrictive.

The planning restrictions restrictions are:
This is why a temporary events notice has to be obtained when the Town Council exceeds its Licence.
The Town Council has put in for 4 more Temporary Events Notices to run to 23.30.
I understand these Temporary Events Notices have been withdrawn. More on the notices here. If the Town Council finds these planning restrictions too restrictive why not go through the planning process and try and get better hours.

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