Friday, November 19, 2010

The demise of Priorities or a large bill for SNTC

St Neots News and Crier - 18/11/2010

In an article about the withdrawal of funding by HDC for the Town Centre Initiative there was a bit of a revelation. John Davies said The Priorities newsletter may have to go.

I know very little about the TCI but I have been informed that SNTC pays 25% of the costs of Priorities Magazine. Obviously it has been the HDC Council Taxpayer who has been funding the other 75%. This is important. It means the Council Taxpayer - one way or another - has been paying for Priorities magazine.

This poses a problem for St Neots Town Council. To regain Quality Town Council status it needs produce a newsletter 4 times a year. With the withdrawal of funding this could mean a potential bill of an extra £23,400 a year.

UPDATE: I see from the Town Council budget proposal the 25% share is £3,690. This would mean an extra £11,070 would have to be found. Much less than the £23,400 I thought the potential bill could be.

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