Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What should Labour do?

Labour is currently an insignificant party in St Neots. With the party now in opposition in Parliament and the Liberal Democrats have got into bed with the Conservatives it would seem a good opportunity to restart Labour in St Neots. Labour could start with a proper election campaign.  There is an opportunity for Labour to do something at the May elections.

Labour seems to have allowed the Liberal Democrats a free run at the Town Council elections. This allowed the Liberal Democrats to win the Town Council in 2007. It is a pity that Labour have nothing to show for this act of kindness. The Liberal Democrats squandered the 4 years going from one financial crisis to another.

Will Labour support the Liberal Democrats again by not fielding candidates for the Town Council elections? I hope not and nor should they. By doing so Labour will be endorsing a party which made many cuts. Time Labour stood alone. The Coalition will lose popularity and Labour should be the main beneficiary.

It will be no use complaining about the Liberal Democrats at future elections if Labour stands aside at for the Liberal Democrats at some elections.

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