Saturday, December 4, 2010

Buried in the Pool of despair

The one thing that struck me when looking at the accounts of the Town Council and the Swimming Pool Trust is the lack of demolition. Now, the problem with the land at the former swimming pool site could be the fact the old swimming pool is still there but buried. This will cause great problems with any development as the old swimming pool will have to be dug up. This will cause any land valuation and any potential buyer a problem and will mean they will pay much less than the going rate.

Why? Because digging up the pool is an unknown quantity. What is below the ground is not fully known and may bring forth a few surprises. The land could be contaminated. Anyway digging a massive hole in the middle of any development could cause problems with whatever is built on the land.

Could St Neots Swimming Pool Trust be in the invidious position of having the land but can't sell it for much money? This would trash any idea of having an Open Air Swimming Pool and would leave the Swimming Pool Trust with a bit of money and nowhere to go.

Time the Swimming Pool Trust came clean with what is going on!

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