Saturday, January 1, 2011

Djanogly still not good for the Conservatives

Looking at the Electoral Commission website for the 2010 General election expenses I find further evidence that Djanogly hasn't been good for Huntingdon Conservatives. Comparing with the Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP (a Twitter follower), who took his seat of Welwyn Hatfield from being a Labour stronghold to a Conservative safe seat, I find that Djanogly isn't bringing home the money.

Total donations to the Shapps campaign was £54,252.72. Over the same period Djanogly only obtained £10,011.51. So Shapps was bring in £5.42 to every £1 that Djanogly brought into his campaign.

On the otherhand Shapps did out spend Djanogly. Shapps spent £22,859.22 to Djanogly's £10,187.91. A spend rate of £2.24 to Djanogly's £1.

So whilst Djanogly cost HCCA £76.40, Shapps brought a whopping total of £31,393.50 into his Association.

This is another reason why Djanogly isn't good for the Huntingdon Constituency Conservative Association. I don't find it hard to believe as Djanogly fell into this seat. But what has been good for Djanogly has been to the detriment of HCCA.

One good reason why having an MP is good for the local party, whatever the political colour, is it bring in money to the local party. Djanogly is failing to do this. The Conservatives had the chance to get rid of Djanogly over his expenses. They flunked it. Now they are paying for it. Djanogly hasn't been good for HCCA. The longer he stays the worse it seems to get.

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Justin said...

So from the numbers above Djanogly cost HCCA money, even though it was only £176.40.

Nice work David.

The HCCA also accepted money from Lola cars which at the time were in the process of making redundancies, should this have been accepted?