Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dibley Parish Council meetings run better than St Neots Town Council

St Neots News and Crier - 20/01/2011

I read the letter from R. Harrison with much amusement. This is our Town Council down to the ground. I like the description of the Town Council being a "Cross between Spitting Image and The Vicar of Dibley." Ouch that much hurt. The Dibley reference is a particular barb because the Town Council doesn't want to look that way. But they don't recognise that they do look like a Vicar of Dibley Town Council.

This interesting bit is about the Swimming Pool Trust. Whilst these are different bodies, all the Town Councillors are Trustees and the Town Clerk does work for the Trust. It is not telling the truth when the Town Council denies it has got nothing to do with the swimming pool trust.

The Town Mayor isn't impartial as is pointed out by Mr Harrison. "He seemed at allow this behaviour when a councillor was from his own political persuasion, but jumped all over it in a bully boy when councillors from another party retorted."

The fiasco of the Forward Plan is not un-typical of what goes on at this level of Government. Only 15 minutes was spent deciding what they were talking about on the Forward Plan. I've only been to a couple of meetings but they aren't usually run that well.

This is what Town Councils are like. Not nice but messy. The few times I've been to the Town Council these have been badly run. Not only the Liberal Democrats but the Conservatives have a good go at each other. That should be so. But when meeting aren't being run properly that is down to the Chairman.

Wait until the Annual Town Meeting. Now turn up for that to see how badly meetings are run.

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