Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HDC finally publishes payments over £500

HDC has finally gotten around to publishing payments over £500. These can be found by following this link.
Congratulations for moving ahead. But why didn't I find this out earlier? Because Conservative HDC hasn't publicised the fact it has started publishing these payments.

Above are the HDC press releases for December 2010. The public is informed to Get Involved with Neighbourhood Forums, but the publication of £500 and over is absent. I only found out by looking at the DCLG website.

Finding where this information is also a bit of a trek and is hidden away under Council Finance.
Whilst welcome, this is hardly an enthusiastic publication of the Conservative Government policy by the Conservative run HDC. It looks to me they are very embarrassed by having to make these payments public, HDC has chosen to do this without fanfare or any publicity. It is like they want to do the minimum to keep in with the Conservative Government but hide the information away so the public can't readily find it.

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