Friday, January 14, 2011

Mandy's £2000 meeting was on 14th December 2010

I have received an e-mail from Roy Reeves, Head of Democratic Services at HDC. It says Mandy Thomas is still a District Councillor as Mandy attended a meeting of the St Neots Town Centre Initiative on 14th December 2010. 5 months without a meeting and Mandy turns up to the SNTCI. I have asked for proof of this as the SNTCI minutes are not available on the web. Nor are attendances recorded on the Councillor attendances page. 
For Mandy to keep her seat she had to attend a meeting and did so by not attending a Council Meeting but by going to the SNTCI. For that Mandy was paid effectively £2000 - being roughly 5 months of the District Councillor Allowances. Mandy's attendances at SNTCI aren't even recorded on the HDC website. Looking at Mandy's dire attendance record she is just absent. 
If HDC is going to record attendances they should do them properly. Attendances at Working Groups were taken off because they threw light on the internal workings of HDC. Now the attendances at outside bodies is kept secret.

I put my hands up and say I called this wrong. I can only go on the information that HDC provides. The information on the website says Mandy hasn't attended a meeting for 6 months. HDC got the rabbit out of the hat and says Mandy attended a meeting of SNTCI. The Council Taxpayer is paying for Mandy to do a job. Obviously not as hard working as Mandy said at her election.

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