Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And the cinema saga goes on

The Hunts Post St Neots

The puff piece in the Hunts Post over the cinema project is mainly Cllr Barry Chapman having his say.

The first thing to challenge is this is "Green". Barry says: "People will be able to walk to it easily". I suppose we could spend half an hour walking to the venue and half an hour back or 5 minutes in the car and park for free. I favour the latter.

"We want to encourage people to walk or get the bus into town, and perhaps see a film while they're out shopping."

The bus comment stumps me. If I was to try and get into town by bus for an 8pm start time I could catch the 19.15 from Eynesbury Monday to Saturday and have to wait around for 30 minutes. When I came out I would have to walk home because no buses run at that time of night to Eynesbury. Easier to drive in. Not so Green then.

As for shopping this doesn't tally unless you are going in early on a Saturday or Sunday. First you are hardly going to take your shopping in with you to the cinema. Are you? Going to a 7pm showing how many shops are open at 9pm at night. None as I can recall.

Further on Barry says: "negotiations are under way with Cineworld and top restaurant names, such as TGI Fridays and Frankie and Benny's have expressed an interest."

So no deal concluded with Cineworld. As a cinema goer I have to say I don't like Cineworld. I find their seats most uncomfortable. After a couple of tries I avoid Cineworld and go to either Vue at Cambridge or Odeon at Hatfield.

As for expressions of interest, this can be over hyped. All that is needed for an expression of interest is the developer to send details to potential clients. Doesn't mean anything.

There is going to be much hype over the types of companies and company names. Until their signature is on the contract these names can pull out.

Has the rot started to set in already?

Remember this is supposed to be a 7 screen cinema with one of the screens to be used as a theatre auditorium (I suppose the reason behind all this is Town Council can close down the Priory Centre and build flats instead). 2 other buildings and 160 car parking spaces.
Whilst this seems very small with a loss of two spaces this is how it is going to work. The next salami slice maybe the number of screens and the number of buildings.

As for the perspective I can't work out where the orientation of this is.
There seems to be a very large cinema and a number of other venues. I know artistic licence has been used but of what location because it can't be St Neots.

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