Saturday, January 22, 2011

Will Independents be standing for the locals in May 2011?

With all the moans and shouts about how bad some of our Councillors were during the useless car park protest I would have thought those who complained would be standing for either Town Council or District Council at the May local elections. If they are they had better get a move on! The organising of an election campaign takes time and planning.

The names of some of the moaners are Chris Brick, Jon Mountfort, Lorraine Hines and Chris Clifton. Having all moaned about HDC and the allowances and expenses District Councillors enjoy they seem to be reticent to stand themselves. I wonder why?

There is one resource in the internet I would recommend to those who want to stand as Independents, It is the Politically Independent Candidate X website which takes any potential Independent candidate through how to run a successful election campaign.

Election campaigns are a mystery, yet can be run with a computer, printer, paper and much ink from the front room of your residence. The one thing an Independent needs to do is Plan and now is the time to start. With the start of the local election roughly 8 weeks away there is much to do.

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