Monday, January 10, 2011

Huntingdon Conservatives new website

I see the Huntingdon Conservatives have put up a new website. Pity not much thought has gone into this site. The name of the website - Huntingdon Conservatives - really reinforces the world view of the local Conservatives that Huntingdon is at the centre of their world. St Neots doesn't get a mention.

Whilst looking good on the outside the slap dash and rushed nature of this new site comes up on every page. On the about page the reader is informed:

"In addition the Constituency Association organises, through a number of clubs such as Huntingdon Industrial Advisory Council,....."

Back in a Parliamentary report in 2007 on the use of dining facilities Djanogly said:

HIAC had been founded over 25 years ago for business people living in or connected with Huntingdonshire. Members of HIAC did not need to be members of the Conservative Party and HIAC itself was not part of the Party.

Now it is!

The County Councillor page is an utter mess. It even claims the following:
Keith Walters hasn't been a County Councillor since 2009.

The District Councillors page is not so much of a mess.

Under People it turns out Sir John Major is District Chairman West.
Further, to contact MEP Vicky Ford you have to go through Robert Sturdy:

For a new website this is littered with mistakes. Not a very good start, but is probably a sign of the state HCCA finds itself in.

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