Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A little bird told me....

There is something out there called Facebook. On this website the date and time of when you do certain things is recorded. In the case of Mandy Jayne Thomas the date was 3rd November 2010. On this night there was a Council meeting at 7.00pm

As ever Mandy Thomas was  absent. What my little bird told me was that Mandy was doing something else. At 7.01 pm Mandy was on Facebook creating a Group.

So rather than be at a boring Council meeting (which she is paid to attend) Mandy has started a one person campaign against the Coalition tuition fees. Nothing wrong is opposing your governments policy but should you be at a Council Meeting you are paid to attend?

I know being a District Councillor is a mixture of a part-time job and a volunteer. District Councillors with daytime and evening meetings may not make the odd meeting but missing 10 is an awful amount to be absent from. 

With the elections in May fast approaching, Mandy should do the decent thing and resign here seat so others may represent the people of Eaton Socon in her place!

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