Sunday, January 23, 2011

Andy Jennings for Eaton Socon?

With the start of the elections not far off, I read with interest the news from the Huntingdon Conservatives. Whilst they jump up and down about Martin Land and his Conservatives are racists and homophobes jibe (news first broken on the blog) I saw something of interest. This is a quote from Andy Jennings, Conservative Action Team.
Now quotes don't come without something behind them. This very probably means Andy will be standing for election for Eaton Socon for the Conservatives at the local elections in May.

So who is Andy Jennings? From my research Andy is a former Greenwich Borough Councillor. He was elected in May 2006.
Just getting in some 15 votes ahead of Labour. Andy also ran for the GLA elections in May 2008 and lost, although increasing the Conservative percentage of their vote. These GLA constituencies are larger than our local constituency.

He provoked controversy in Conservative ranks by setting up an experimental surgery for gays or LGBT community to give the full acronym.

He is also pictured with a large pole in his hands. What he is trying to fend off we'll never know. As Andy is a Chartered Accountant could it be he wants to be a lion tamer?
Joking aside, Andy has a pretty formidable political past. Whilst I wish him every success in defeating the bumbling Town Mayor Gordon Thorpe could Andy's political fortunes be elsewhere? This is a bit of a political backwater. Whilst Djanogly retains the tacit support of the local Conservative Association I wonder what would happen when the seats are redistributed shortly. Redistribution of seats will mean HCCA has a way of getting rid of Djanogly. Andy could be the one to stand against Djanogly.

Gordon Thorpe had better watch out. The Liberal Democrats are going to have a fight in Eaton Socon. If Andy stands and makes a proper fight he should win!

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