Sunday, January 16, 2011

Issues need more respect

St Neots News and Crier - 13/01/2011

Peter Clark, in his letter to the news and Crier, is correct that Huntingdon Town Council should consider the Annual Town Meeting. Not to do so is wrong as electors who turn up to the Annual Town Meeting make the effort. Huntingdon Town Council should also make the effort otherwise what is the point. Maybe that is the reason why. Huntingdon Town Council doesn't want to hold this type of meeting.

What of St Neots Town Council? This Town Council follows the example of Huntingdon Town Council in not considering what went on at the Annual Town Meeting and the issues raised.

The two St Neots Annual Town Meetings I've been to have been a bit of a farce. The law is very clear. This is a meeting of the Town and not the Town Council. It is an opportunity for the electors of the Town to ask questions and raise issues.

St Neots Town Council obviously doesn't like this expression of views from the public as this meeting is crammed in before the Annual Council Meeting and is therefore rushed.

Isn't it time St Neots Town Council respected the rights of its electors and holds a proper Annual Town Meeting where the residents have time to ask questions and raise and develop issues instead of a rush job? I think it is.

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