Monday, January 31, 2011

Swimming Pool Trust 361 Days late in filing their accounts

The St Neots Swimming Pool Trust on which all Town Councillors are Trustees have finally got their accounts into the Charity Commission. Although officially not part of the Town Council, the Trust is administered by the Town Council who charge the Trust a fee for this privilege. To put this into context, the charity had 10 months from the year end - 31st March 2009 - to get these accounts in. The Swimming Pool Trust took nearly 1 year and 10 months

This is not the first time the Trust has gotten its accounts in late. The record stands at 423 days. In the previous financial year ending 31st March 2008, the Trust were 290 days late.
And this is the Trust that is charged with delivering a new Open Air Swimming Pool. The Trust has the old swimming pool site under offer at £1.75 million. The sale has yet to go through so don't count the chickens on this one. I've requested the accounts and hope to see if there is an explanation to their lateness.

Changes in Charity Commission rules means that from 1st April 2009 Charities under £25,000 income are not required to file accounts. They do have to put in an Annual Return.

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