Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can I believe what the Conservatives tell us?

On the News and Crier website there is a piece on the resignation of Mandy Thomas. Conservative Agent Simon Burton (a Djanogly placeman) said:

"Sadly, Mandy Thomas has encountered horrendous personal difficulties since 2008."

Err what? Horrendous personal difficulties! Looking at Mandy's Facebook wall this doesn't seem consistent with:
Nor with:
Nor with:
So what did Mandy have to do as a District Councillor. Basically turn up to 7 council meetings and 10 committee meetings. Mandy had such a "horrendous" time that Mandy made a St Neots Town Centre Initiative meeting to evade the 6 months rule and continue with the allowance money rolling in.

This "horrendous" story is a cover for the resignation of a District Councillor who fell out of love with the Conservatives. This "horrendous" line is a pure invention by the Conservatives so electors will not be able to question why Mandy actually resigned.


St Ivian said...

The woman obviously has no conscience nor principles. Nor apparently do the lazy Conservative District Councillor colleagues who condoned this stealing from the taxpayer rather than put effort into another election until they were forced - perhaps in no small part due to this blog !!

dodgydriveruk said...

Simon Burton has spun a Djanogly style line to "spin" the fact that all is well in the world, when for the Tories locally it is beginning to look a little messy with Bates & Simpson deciding not to stand.......Simon Burton has not seen fit to comment on that nor the 3 HDC officers who are taking a walk next week with superb pensions and golden handshakes...