Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Swimming Pool Trust annual return still overdue

I see from the Charity Commissions website the St Neots Swimming Pool Trust is still overdue.
Of course this has nothing to do with the Town Council which has been bunged Quality Status by CPALC. Apart from the fact that St Neots Town Council administers the Swimming Pool Trust and charges the trust for this privilege, the Swimming Pool Trust has nothing to do with the Town Council. Oh and all the Town Councillors, bar Steve van de Kerkhove, are Trustees.

This body is charged with getting an outdoor swimming pool for St Neots and it can't even get this simple document into the Charity Commission. They can even do it online. If the income to the charity is £25,000 or under accounts aren't needed. The Annual Return is required. They have had 10 months to prepare the accounts and still can't get their collective acts together.


I see the Town Council/Swimming Pool Trust have finally sent the Annual Return into the Charity Commission. Still 29 days late!

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