Monday, March 14, 2011

When will the Town Council have one policy?

I was amused by the latest utterances from the St Neots Town Council (useless) Planning Committee. Under planning item 4 the planning committee went back to their old ways of using the traffic congestion objection without any evidence. They don't like the proposed development behind 7 Eaton Socon Green. What the useless planning committee went onto say is:
The useless planning committee objects to this application because of a reduction of green space and trees. Yet the Town Council is quite happy to give up 40% to 100% of the land it owns at Shady Walk Open Space for a car park!

If the Town Council was being consistent it wouldn't be using the "reduction of green space" reason for objecting to this planning application. The Town Council is all for the cinema project which will increase traffic movements on the site and reduced green space but on non Town Council land it objects!

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