Thursday, March 24, 2011

A little confusion....

I always wondered in which District ward Love's Farm was in. Looking at the Election Maps website I found this:
This had the Love's Farm in Gransden and The Offords Ward. I therefore wrote to the Electoral Services Department at HDC and received this reply:

"This development does fall with Gransden and the Offords Ward not Priory Park.  I will check with our web people as to the state of the maps."

Having been informed by HDC that Love's Farm development was in the Gransden and The Offords ward. Then there was a bit of a spat on the St Neots Forum which said Love's Farm was in the Priory Park ward.

Later I found the following changes on the Election Maps website:
So the Election Maps website has changed its website to show Love's Farm in the Priory Park ward.

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