Monday, March 7, 2011

Filling the pool of despair

I have received an answer to the Freedom of Information request I put into Huntingdonshire District Council over a secret report to a meeting of Cabinet on 31st January 2008. The whole report with the redacted part can be found here.

The interesting part is this:
The terms provisionally agreed are these:

HDC forgoes taking half the proceeds. The interest from the money HDC gets is to be given back to the project the Swimming Pool Trust comes up with. All this was known in January 2008. So why couldn't the residents of St Neots be told of this back then?

Unless HDC changes its mind, the swimming pool trust will get virtually all the money one way or another. Good news for St Neots!

And that is the crux of all this. This is good news for St Neots. It is also good news for the Conservatives. So why keep all this secret?

The only answer I can think of is the District Council wanted to screw the trust for money. This seems ridiculous because all the St Neots District Councillors should be privy to this information in the secret minutes. Again, why keep all this secret?

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John said...

Super result. You get the impression that the councillors get power-drunk with their position of knowledge and that the legitimate interest of the electorate comes a very poor second-best. As you say, WHY? oh WHY?