Friday, March 25, 2011

Conservative In Touch - Nothing about the future

I thought I would review the Conservative intouch which came through my door recently. Apart from the lie over the toilets what else has this got to say?

Well the Conservatives want a chance.
And they also want to look after all your money. - Are they setting up a bank? Or will this be the result of the tax increases that may happen.
Joking apart the swimming pool seems to take prominence on the front page. I have to wonder whether the fact that Cllr Ursell (Conservative) is chairman of the Trust has anything to do with this.
As far as I can ascertain the land has yet to be sold.

On the bottom of the front page is an advert for Conservative Councillors. Since the candidates for the District Council have already been selected it is pretty pointless. The Conservatives may be still looking for candidates for Town Council. This is my take on the question posed:
On the inside we have a piece about the car parking charges. Nothing about their petition. Nor the fact that Conservative run HDC imposed these charges. Just shows how ineffective these councillors are!
Also on the inside is a piece on the Church Car park. Good that the Conservatives have finally gotten around to calling it what it is and not a community car park. Just because the Town Council has maintained this for 60 years doesn't make this right. Why should the council taxpayer subsidise this car park when the church had enough money to pay for it in the first place.
Hmm...On the last page Mandy Thomas still pops up as a Conservative Councillor. I supposed this leaflet was put to bed before Mandy resigned.
Finally I see this headline and I have to wonder.
Looking through this leaflet I see no pledges. No cuts in Council tax. No funds exclusively for Eynesbury Hardwicke. Nothing. So the message here is the Conservatives having made no pledges and going to deliver these non-existent pledges to the people of St Neots.

What of the flagship national policy of the New Homes Bonus? Utter silence. It is a though St Neots won't be seeing any of this money.

What sets out to be a good leaflet has, in fact, no specific content on what the Conservatives intend to pledge/promise to do for St Neots in the next 4 years. That is a pity and a missed opportunity by the St Neots Conservatives.

The Conservatives are devoid of anything to say about how they would take St Neots forward. The New Homes Bonus is missing. From this leaflet giving the Conservatives a chance will do little for St Neots.

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