Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who I'm voting for at the elections in May

As someone who normally votes Conservative I still find myself in a quandary on how to vote in May. I have voted Conservative at all the General Elections -1983, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2001, 2005 - and a multitude of local elections. It is only since I moved to St Neots that my voting habit has changed, but not my views. So why has the way I voted changed?

On one level it is the realisation of the mess Conservative run HDC is in. Running a massive budget deficit and blaming everyone else for this hasn't enamoured me to the local Conservatives. With massive investment in Council leisure I view Conservative run HDC not as a forward thinking Council, but as one stuck in the socialist past. Conservative run HDC is doing what I would expect an old Labour run Council to do rather than a Conservative run Council.

Djanogly is an absent MP living much of his life in London, where his main home is, who got into a mess over his expenses. He didn't even deem the electorate worthy of allowing us to ask questions at a public meeting. All slight of hand. But he did get re-elected!

The St Neots Conservative Councillors group seems very rudderless. A good pantomime over the closure of the public toilets, eventually blaming the Liberal Democrat run St Neots Town Council for not taking them over.

Blaming the Liberal Democrats seems to be the Conservatives way. The annexation of the old Town Ward of Eynesbury Hardwicke Parish Council is another case in point. The former EHPC ran nothing and provided nothing apart for a few grants. Some Conservatives felt it was right to put the old Town Ward into St Neots Town Council. Conservative HDC even endorsed these proposals. When it came to the General Election/Local Elections it was the Conservatives who blamed the Liberal Democrats.

On another level it is the sheer incompetence of the local Conservatives. Not being even able to call a by-election in Eaton Socon. Not going to town over the "Shambles" the Liberal Democrats made of the Town Council. Promoting was is still being used as a Church Car Park as a "Community Car Park". These are but a few examples of what annoys me about the local Conservatives.

On yet another level it is the sheer disappointment with the Conservatives, whom I normally vote for, at their lack of campaigning. As M. Stephenson put it in the 2009 accounts:
May I suggest this problem results from the Conservatives not campaigning enough! It is a vicious circle of the Conservatives not having enough volunteers. Therefore less campaigning takes place. Therefore you don't attract members. And so it goes on with fewer members meaning less campaigning and so on and so on.

So who will I be voting for?

Labour is out of the question. The Liberal Democrats are the only alternative. Whilst at District level I will vote for the Liberal Democrats in Eynesbury, when it comes to the Town Council I'm still in a quandary and I have yet to decide.

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