Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mandy doesn't do it again!

As ever the elusive Mandy Thomas has missed yet another meeting at HDC and continues to pick up her pay cheque for doing nothing. Mandy was supposed to be at HDC's Economic Well-being OSP on Thursday 10th March 2011. This time Mandy sent her apologies for not attending. Fine but that doesn't mean much. Mandy hasn't attended a Council or Committee meeting since 15th July 2010. Is this a record for not attending? If Mandy isn't going to turn up to Council meetings then what is the point of her continuing on the District Council. Oh yes the pay cheque and the free computer. The Conservatives are quick to jump on those who live off the state. When it is one of their own they keep very, very quiet. The time has gone when Mandy should have resigned. Mandy is elected until May 2012. It looks as though the Council taxpayer is going to keep Mandy to the life she has become accustomed to for another 14 months!

I just don't understand why the Conservatives let her stay in the party. Mandy is hardly contributing yet the Conservatives let here hang on. Time they got rid of Mandy from the Conservative Group for starters.

Remember what Mandy said:


Julia said...

Of course they are also keeping very quiet that Mandy has actually resigned - with effect from monday, it seems:

Obviously the shameful charade has worn too thin. The number of people I have had complaining to me about her not answering calls, not replying to correspondence, not doing anything for them, has been staggering.

Ste said...

The HDC website contains a page with pictures and contact details of all the District Councillors, or at least it did until very recently. One Councillor's details have been removed.

Have a guess!!!

dodgydriveruk said...

I like the way the election leaflet claim says "giving me the opportunity to work hard for you" has she done any work yet...or even hard work...don't think so....must have had some "coaching" from Djanogly... make promises you are never going to keep and as he rarely is in the area....or supports it
Still he is in Huntingdon on the 18th March at the Regional College talking to students as well as having the formidable Tom Bletsoe (Independent Councillor for St Ives) should be interesting as to what is to be said about EMA & Student Djanogly sits on the fence and blames Labour for the world banking crisis......just like his Condem colleages..

Green Party/Trade Union activist said...

Are there any rules about meeting attendance?

Julia said...

The only rule is, go six months without attending anything and you are disqualified. That's a pretty poor minimum.