Friday, March 18, 2011

Town Council ups it game a bit

Not liking the constant criticism from this blog, the Town Council has slightly upped its game a bit with the publication of an Accounts and Budget section on its website. This gives details of the current budget, the final accounts and the budget for 2011/12. This is a start. Some bits are missing.

Like where is the Annual Report? This is what Steve Wilkinson and his Accreditation committee at CPALC missed. (Still no answer from Ian Dewar at CPALC). The final accounts are dated the 30th September 2010. This contains all the information which is required to be published at 30th June 2010 and wasn't. The Mandatory Test says:
To pass this Test the Town Council is required to publish an Annual Report by 30th June 2010. It simply didn't. So a thumbs up to the Town Council for getting some financial information on the website. But a thumbs down for CPALC for not getting the mandatory section correct.

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