Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Useless Town Council Planning Committee being useless again - Part 4

In my series of on the useless Town Council Planning Committee I thought I would highlight a couple of more decisions by the Town Council Planning Committee and how these are disregarded by the District Council Planning Department. At the Development Management Panel meeting 21st March 2011 two "refusals" have been disregarded by the District. These are:
The Town Council said:
What did CCC Highways say:
The Town Council Planning Committee recommends refusal because of traffic but CCC Highways say OK.

Another traffic objection was used on 1100025FUL:
The Town Council said:
The District Council said:
If 2 spaces are created then where is the loss of parking amenity? As for County Highways they say:
Time and again the Town Council Planning Committee shows it doesn't know much about Planning. So why continue with this pantomime. Cut this committee and all the Officer time that goes into producing these reports, meetings and minutes. It is a sheer waste of time and effort. Yet the Town Council clings to this like it is the rasion d'etre of the Town Council.

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Bill said...

I would be interested to know how much time the town council planning committee is able to devote to making an individual planning decision and the resources available to them to analyse evidence provided to them and whether this is at least equivalent (which I doubt) to the resources available the DC or the CC (planning departments).