Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Meeting of the Town Council finally appears on the website

The meeting of St Neots Town Council has finally been published on the website.
This was posted on Thursday 17th March 2011outside the Town Council Offices. Yet it took until 21st March to get it on the website. This meeting isn't due as the next Town Council meeting is due on 14th April 2011. This is therefore a special meeting of the Town Council for one purpose. Turnstone Estates must be putting pressure on the Town Council to get a move on as they still have yet to put a planning application in.
What is this meeting about? There is only one real item on the agenda and that is giving up Shady Walk for car parking. Not that I would know that from the agenda. It says: "...land at Shady Walk to be used for cinema provision..". Sounds like the cinema is going on Shady Walk. Yet the plans from Turnstone Estates had the entire land used as car parking.
Of course, the press and the public are not welcome!

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