Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And Peter Downes finally replies!

Finally, I get an e-mail from Peter Downes confirming the policy that the HDC Liberal Democrats will reverse the car parking charges if they gain a majority. In his e-mail Peter Downes said:

"Martin’s e-mail explains why we think the car parking policy proposed by the HDC for St. Neots is wrong and if we were to win majority control, we would reverse it. We would obviously have to find other ways of making savings to make up for the loss of income from not charging."

The sentence that talks about finding other way of making savings opens up another series of questions about where these cuts will fall. With £6.1 million of cuts already pencilled in there isn't that much that can be cut!

I've taken these cuts from the current HDC Consultation:

Citizens Advice Bureau
Volunteer Cars
Activities for Young People
Holiday Schemes
After Schools Clubs
Close the swimming pool
CCTV Cameras in St Neots
Closure of customer services in St Neots
Cut in Street Cleaning
Withdraw maintenance of Priory Park and Riverside Park

So the selfish people who want Council Taxpayer funded "Free" parking are VERY HAPPY to cut some or all of these schemes so they don't have to pay 20 pence an hour/£1.50 a day (free on Sundays).

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