Saturday, July 24, 2010

Independents standing at local elections

As ever the cry goes out that Councillors should not get allowances or expenses. The public seems to feel that local politicians shouldn't get allowances and/or expenses and should do these jobs for free. I disagree with this sentiment. Councillors are doing a job and should be recompensed for doing these jobs. I do believe that Councillors should be paid more, but should be expected to do more for this increase in pay. 52 District Councillors covering the whole of Huntingdonshire is too large. The same goes for 70 County Councillor and 21 St Neots Town Councillors.

So with all these people whinging on about Councillor pay I would have thought there would be tons of people standing at elections to get these jobs. Well no. The number of Independents standing in St Neots at local elections is ZERO.
Everytime I see someone going on about Councillors pay I take the stance "Why don't you stand?". The answers invariably are a list of excuses as to why they shouldn't.
If Chris stood and got elected he would have the chance to stand up for the ignored masses at this Council. Chris is not the only one to whinge on about Councillor allowances and expenses. Jon Mountfort is another who goes on about Councillors allowances and expenses. I take it Jon Mountfort, Chris Brick and all the others who moan will be standing at the local election in May 2011 will do so on a ticket of not claiming the allowances and expenses they so despise.

I keep getting asked why don't I stand for any of the Councils. Here are a number of reasons why:

1. It doesn't pay enough.
2. I don't want to spend weeks campaigning.
3. I don't want to deal with constituents or voters problems.
4. I would publish everything I received and not keep it secret.
5. There are loads more reasons, but these are the main reasons.

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