Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Town Council RFO has gone!

Less than 2 years in and the Responsible Finance Officer, Beverley Porter, is off to pastures new. Beverley did a marvellous job of getting together the 2007/08 annual accounts together. Then almost immediately she got on with the 2008/09 accounts. From my point of view, Beverley did a very good job of getting the Town Council out of the deep mess they were in.

It is a pity the Town Council couldn't keep her. I've only been to a couple of Town Council meetings and I felt  that some Councillor ignored Beverley's advice. This is why Councils have Officers who are there to advise the Council. Beverley will be a hard act to follow.

From the Town Council website - Yes they can change it when the Town Council wants too!

Vacancy for a Responsible Finance Officer
To act as the Council's Responsible Financial Officer and to take responsibility for the financial administration of all Town Council facilities and activities, maintain accounting records and control systems including data entry/input.
With at least 5 years' experience working in a Finance Department, knowlege of all legislation relating to payroll, Local Government Financial Regulations and a relevant degree or accounting qualification.
Salary negotiable, subject to experience and qualifications.
Closing Date: 9 July 2010.  Interview Date: 19th July 2010.
To apply, please complete an Application Form and Equal Opportunities Form.  Please click here for Job Description.

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