Monday, July 5, 2010

Neighbourhood forums offer chance to contribute

According to the headline the Neighbourhood Forums offer chance to contribute. The District Council is obviously embarrassed with the numbers. As I pointed out here only 48 members of the public turned up to the last set of meetings. To bulk up the numbers the members of the public have been added into the total number of attendees. So the actual number of members of the public is unknown. The change in minutes hides the fact these meetings are poorly attended.

The numbers attending each meeting were:
Huntingdon: 52
North West Hunts: 52
Ramsey: 70
St Ives: 44
St Neots: 36

This makes 254. An increase of 54 over the previous set of meetings. But I don't know whether this increase is due to more council employees or members of the public. HDC should publish this information. Even an increase of 54 still makes this a waste of money.
What could the be talked about? Neighbourhood Forums are the perfect opportunity for the District Council to talk to the residents about the forthcoming cuts. HDC says it wants to consult with residents. This is the perfect opportunity. Obviously, this is an opportunity that HDC wants to miss.

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