Saturday, July 3, 2010

My comments on letters about car parks

In this weeks page there is a page full of letters about car parking charges. These are my comments on most of the letters:

M and S Anderson-Brown - They ask 2 questions. How much is much are they expecting to make? Answer: £100,000 in 3 car parks. How much will be spent in St Neots for the benefit of its citizens? Answer: All of it!

Mrs Moore - Points out that a fund raising event raised £10,000. If the charges had been in force these charges would have had to pay to park. The answer is yes. Also, should charities have these facilities for free? I think not!

R. Wilson - Says "The people of St Neots voted for these people..." Err..we didn't. The whole of Huntingdonshire did.
Like many other people, we will go and shop elsewhere. Long travel times and higher car parking charges.

Gill Smith - Gill goes on about HDC kicking us all a bit harder in the wallet. Obviously what Gill doesn't understand is car parks cost money. The loss of any potential income will either be found in less services or higher council tax. As for all of a sudden the council needs our dosh why not before? Why now? Answer: HDC has always needed your money. It is running out of reserves which has been using to prop up the deficit budget.

M and S Bossom - As you live in Eaton Socon and you find 20 pence an hour expensive (£10.40 a year) why not walk into the Town Centre. I do from Eynesbury.

John M Ruff - Asks why the Fenland DC seems to get by without fleecing the motorist? Answer: Because they fleece the Council taxpayer instead. Car parks cost Fenlands HDC £410,000 whilst HDC has an income of £560,000.

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