Friday, July 9, 2010

Recap on Riverside Car Parking Articles

I thought I would do a recap on my articles on the dubious Facebook car parking charges campaign with some Liberal Democrats on the site administration.

3rd February 2010 - Truth behind car parking campaign. The highlights some of the lies and untruths which have been a feature of this campaign. Included is a comparison of car parking charges in surrounding town centre.

18th February 2010 - Footfall affected by roadworks! So keep the car parks free? Whilst many have taken up the fall in footfall, they missed John Davies who informed us the footfall was affected by the roadworks on the A1.

18th February 2010 - Concessions offered in Parking Row. The 38 extra spaces and how our Councillors responded.

17th March 2010 - HDC Cabinet carries on regardless - Just. I went to this Cabinet Meeting. No other members of the public turned up. 

17th March 2010 - A blow to the St Neots Conservatives! or the end of the pantomime. A look at the Conservative campaign?

18th March 2010 - No other play areas in Eaton Ford says Cllr Churchill. Yes there are! Correcting a piece of misinformation.

24th March 2010 - My comments on letters in Hunts Post. Jon Mountfort's first letter on the subject of the Riverside Car Park. Again littered with untruths.

25th March 2010 - My comments on letters in News and Crier. Look at the Conservatives blaming the Liberal Democrats.

25th March 2010 - Have your say on parking charges. Julia Hayward informs readers that people will be driven away from St Neots.

16th April 2010 - Are the St Neots Conservatives worthy? A look at some of the actions of the St Neots Conservatives.

4th June 2010 - Car Parking Consultation up before OSC. - A look at some of those who replied to the consultation.

10th June 2010 - My comments of letters in News and Crier - Jon Mountfort's letter is taken apart.

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