Thursday, March 25, 2010

My comments on letters in News and Crier - 25/03/2010

Anger over parking charges - LM Pearson - misses the point. HDC collects business rates. It then sends them off to Central Government. S Pearce - Again HDC collect the business rates for Central Government.

Other cuts are more worrying - D. Gadenne hits the concerns right on the head. I wonder why?

Tories vow to fight on - Two letters from the "St Neots Conservatives" look to blame the Liberal Democrats instead of blaming their Conservative colleagues who took the decision.

Cllr Barry Chapman goes on the attack blaming the Liberal Democrats. Apparently, the Liberal Democrat petition is a "cynical attempt to create negativity against those St Neots Councillors who are fighting on behalf of our town."

What planet is Cllr Chapman on? The Conservative petition is the ruse to deflect the fact that the Conservatives on HDC took a decision to impose parking charges. All Cllr Chapman is doing is SPIN, SPIN, SPIN!

Cllr Chapman also trumpets the deal brokered by the Conservatives over the toilets. A deal which will cost the Town Council about £30,000 a year.

Cllr Jennifer Bird just shows how much out of touch this Councillor is. Blaming the Liberal Democrats for a decision taken by her Conservative colleagues on HDC is just spin. Cllr Bird also needs to look at HDC finances. Cllr Bird asks: "Has the quest for increasing revenue at HDC overcome common sense?" No! The quest is for finding money to cut the deficit will mean more money raising ideas need to happen.

Already Conservative controlled HDC is looking to up car parking charges.

Broadband is vital - That is what Anthea Cox, Labour Party Candidate, says in her letter. Is this the Labour Party campaign? Write a couple of letters to the local newspapers! Back to the letter. Anthea tries to rubbish the Conservative Broadband policy. What Anthea "forgets" to inform readers is the Labour plans mean a 50 pence a month charge on all landlines. Nothing about the closure of St Neots campus.

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