Friday, March 19, 2010

Conservative Car Parking Campaign IS a pantomime!

I read in an online News and Crier article that Cllr Farrer said:

We have got ourselves into a position where we could lose no end of seats over this, (my bold)” he said. “Yes, we know we have got money trouble, how do we know this is going to get us out of trouble?

Er.....Is this the real reason behind the Conservative campaign? A desire to save Conservative seats. Nothing to do with St Neots businesses or leisure. These reasons have been dropped. If the Conservative run HDC cabinet changes its decision it will be for Conservative electoral advantage.

The St Neots Conservative Councillors Group have got themselves into this mess because they haven't been campaigning. Not one leaflet from the Conservative since June 2009. Djanogly's Taxpayer funded Winter edition leaflet didn't even make my letterbox. The SNCCG website is still stuck in June 2009.

The SNCCG seem to think a couple of articles in the local newspapers makes a campaign. It doesn't. If the Conservatives lose seats it is their own fault. Farrer and the rest of the SNCCG seem to want to blame the HDC cabinet. In reality they have only got themselves to blame.

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