Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New(ish) website for Djanogly

Wow, the election is nearing and Jonathan Djanogly has gone into election mode. There is even a section for vote for change by registering your e-mail address, name and postcode.
But hold on there!

Much of the content is from Jonathan Djanogly's old website which was paid for by the taxpayer via the Parliamentary Communications Allowance. The total annual cost is estimated to be £3,450.00.

But that isn't the end of it. There is a section for donating to this multi-millionaire's campaign. There is nothing wrong with that as we don't really want Djanogly to pay for his own election. Do we?
Of the course changing the website loses a few embarrassing problems for Djanogly. The deletion of the Winter Edition that I never received covers this problem up. 
All Djanogly has done is turned his Parliamentary website, paid by the taxpayer, into a campaign website by adding a few bells and whistles to it. Knowing Djanogly this is very legal. To me it doesn't seem right!

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