Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vince Cable is a clear winner???

On this website I found an article praising Vince Cable for his win at the Chancellors Debate on Channel 4 last night. On the front page I read that Vince won a "clear victory". So I was interested to guess what the percentages were.
I thought a clear victory would be 50% or more. I was disappointed to find this wasn't the case. Following the link I went to the next page.
I found the margin of the Vince Cable win was just 4%. 64% of the on-line poll went to the other "Chancellors". True it was Vince that got the most applause. But I don't know who was applauding. For all I know the Liberal Democrats were the ones clapping loudly.

I thought all were potential Chancellors were just a bad as each other in not answering the questions. Vince slightly better - maybe. But this statement praising Vince Cable by the Liberal Democrats is just hype and spin.

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