Sunday, March 21, 2010

Council: No axe for toilets

So the Liberal Democrats SNTC has given in to the Conservative Stealth Tax by taking on the toilets. As pointed out by Cllr Ursell, the money from EHPC as set out by Cllr Bob Barnes is unlikely to come to SNTC. Even if the money does come to SNTC the Conservatives wouldn't support the use on paying for the toilets.

The problem behind all this is the £6.1 million HDC has to save and the non-strategy has to deal with this. Many services are going to be cut over the next few years and SNTC will have a choice of taking these up. At this rate everything HDC stops will be taken on by SNTC and our Council Tax will go through the roof to pay for all this

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Chattering Man said...

But soon HDC will become unnecessary and can be done away with.