Saturday, March 13, 2010

Town Council Planning Committee is a JOKE! - Update.

At the meeting of the Town Council Planning committee on 17/02/10, it was decided to recommend APPROVAL of a planning application for land at the rear of 11-15 Luke Street.
So what does HDC Planning department recommend? Yes, you guessed right - HDC has recommended REFUSAL.
Town Council Planning is a group of Councillors sitting around the table looking at plans. HDC has properly qualified officers who make recommendations on planning policies and law. In my opinion the Town Council should ditch this Committee and save us all a bit of money.


Bill said...

I'm assuming that the HDC planning committee has primacy over it's SNTC equivalent?

How often does HDC override SNTC decisions?

I'm surprised that you advocate seeding SNTC influence to HDC, but do understand it from a cost perspective - is your desire abolish as simplistic as it appears? (straight question, no insult through the use of the word "simplistic" intended - I know it might read that way)

By the way, excellent work - keep it up.

Dave said...

There is not equivalence between HDC and SNTC. HDC is the Council that takes the decision over most planning applications. CCC does the rest. SNTC is one of many statutory bodies which HDC has to inform before making a decision.

Any planning decision has to be made on planning law, policies and rules. For any objection to succeed this has also to be based on the same law, policies and rules.

For instance the Town Council has used Traffic Congestion as an objection to some developments. Yet the Highways Authority doesn't object. So the Town Council objection is discounted.

Town/Parish Council Government isn't a level of Government throughout the country. So there are many areas where this level of Government just doesn't exist.

SNTC is puffing up the importance of this committee. It has no power to determine planning applications and is a waste of time and money.

doug terry said...

Two points Dave (1) as vice chair of the planning committee I would be the first to admit that HDC planners are qualified on planning law whilst I’m not.
None of the planning officers live in St Neots and as a committee made up of residents of this town we do what we consider best for this town. Sometimes we get it right and HDC agree with us sometimes we get it wrong. In respect of planning application 0901129ful this has been referred to the secretary of state.
(2) None of the councillors get paid so disbanding the planning committee as you suggest would not save any money at all.
Regards Doug

Dave said...

1. HDC Planning has this down as Withdrawn by applicant.

2. As for saving money whilst Councillors don't get paid Council Staff do! They have to prepare the reports and minutes and attend these meeting. Cutting Town Council Planning will save Officer time and money.

doug terry said...

see planning committee 20th january 2010

doug said...

although I see ccc highways also objected so I would be surprised if the inspector pases the application.

Dave said...

Doug, I can't see what you are going on about. The minutes of 20/1/10 are here. There is no reference to 0901129ful on this page. HDC says this was withdrawn. Doug, I think you are getting confused.

If want to carry on this comment produce evidence.

doug said...

My apoligise Dave you are quite correct I was looking at the bugaglow in luke st.