Monday, March 29, 2010

2 Questions for the Elections on 6th May 2010

On the 6th May 2010 there is very likely to be a combined General Election and Local Elections.

The General Election
The political parties have decided the Huntingdon constituency is a safe Conservative seat and won't be doing much here. There is bigger constituencies to win elsewhere. So Huntingdon isn't on any target list.

The Conservatives will come up with the argument that winning Huntingdon is essential for a Cameron win. Huntingdon isn't essential for a Cameron win. Not winning in Huntingdon will mean Cameron will be a seat down. This is two down in a majority. The one question in the General Election is:

Do you want Djanogly to represent the Huntingdon constituency?

If the answer is YES then you are forgiving Djanogly for his part in the MPs' Expenses scandal.
If the answer is NO then great. Now choose which other candidate you will vote for. I'm voting for Ian Curtis, the UKIP candidate.
So lets vote to change Djanogly and the Conservative administration at HDC.

The Local Elections
There will be many facts, figures and promises made in these elections. Before you believe in any of them there is only one figure that you need to remember. This is £6.1 million - the size of the deficit. Because until the political elites decide how this deficit is going to be tackled any promises are worthless. Extra spending will add to the deficit. 

Now it is the Conservatives who got us into this mess. So I feel it is up to the Conservatives to specify where the cuts could fall. It is not up to the opposition parties to specify but they should give some idea where the cuts will fall. So the one question for the local elections is:

How will you deal with HDC £6.1 million budget deficit?

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