Thursday, March 18, 2010

No other play areas in Eaton Ford says Cllr Churchill. Yes there are!

At the Cabinet meeting on 16/3/10, Cllr Churchill seemed unsure whether there were play areas in Eaton Ford. One of the justifications for not applying charges is their is no play areas in Eaton Ford. As a County Councillor this ward is within his Division so Ken should know.

But I had a bit of a look. First I defined Eaton Ford as the ward of Eaton Ford.

I had a quick look to see if I could find any play areas in Eaton Ford Ward other than the "essential" Riverside Play areas. Hey presto I found two. The Bowls Club play area is one and is very accessible. There is another at Weston Court.

Now I'm quite happy to admit that much of Eaton Ford hasn't got play areas. But who are the Councillors who should have been fighting for this provision in Eaton Ford? Answer: The Conservative Councillors.

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