Wednesday, March 17, 2010

HDC Cabinet carries on regardless - just

I was passing through Huntingdon so I thought I would drop in an see the Cabinet meeting. Glad I did. The Conservative cabinet wrestled with the call in decision over Riverside Car Park, St Neots. This was the only item of business on the agenda.
I arrived slightly late as I couldn't find a way in. Notices said go to the Main Entrance. Finally got in through the delivery and staff entrance. So I missed Cllr Farrer talk to the Cabinet. Not that it helped. Whilst the Cabinet is clearly split the St Neots 4 came you with some spurious arguments. The main argument from the rest of the Cabinet was the £6.1 million cuts that need to happen.

Cllr Churchill did come up with alternative to find the money. This was charging more in other St Neots car parks to keep the Riverside CP free. No figures were given on how much this would raise. Miserable argument.

When it came to the votes they were tied 4 - 4. I know those who voted for the changes to free 3 hours and against the proposal the proceed were: Hansard, Churchill, Hyams and Gray. Those who voted against the proposal and to proceed were: Dew, Reynolds, Rogers and Simpson. As the votes were tied Simpson used the Chairman's casting vote to decide the tie.

What most worried me was this Cabinet. There are major decisions to be made on the £6.1 million deficit. If the cabinet is squabbling over this small increase they do need help to get the rest of the cuts through. The Cabinet looked tired. Time for a change.

Some of the St Neots Conservatives seem to be scared of the local elections. These are taking place in Priory Park and Eynesbury wards which isn't really hurt by this decision. My advice to the St Neots Conservatives is simple:
Dump Djanogly
Actively campaign on the doorstep
Tell the truth about the deficit and its implications.
Use the internet to your advantage and get your message over.

None of which you will do.

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