Friday, March 19, 2010

So the New Town Clerk is.......

Helen Clark, the current Acting Town Clerk. Wow! The last thing I want to do is not criticise Helen Clark as the Liberal Democrats put her in an impossible situation and Helen has done a good job as an Acting Town Clerk.

What this Town Council needs is a proper Town Clerk that has a proven track record at another Town Council. This post should have gone out to competition because this Town Council needs the best. By appointing internally without competition, the Liberal Democrats have done Helen a disservice.

Cllr Thorpe is quoted as saying: "The main change is to the structure is was the combining of two part-time posts - the Deputy Town Clerk and Town Centre manager into one post....".

Oh dear! This is not so. The Deputy Town Clerk was a full-time job. The Town Centre Manager was a Part-time job but was made a full-time position in after 2006. Cllr Gordon Thorpe is Chairman of the Personnel Committee. I just don't understand why Cllr Thorpe is misleading the public?

Staff Structure 2005/06
Staff Structure 2007/08

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