Thursday, March 25, 2010

Town Council in trouble over frozen woman

No grave for "frozen woman"

I see the Town Council is in trouble over no burial places in St Neots. The previous cemetery project wasn't even in St Neots and was over the border in Bedfordshire. That was a right mess of a project. The previous Town Clerk, P. Devonald, went sick soon after and left 3 months later.

So who is to blame? Having a proper Town Clerk would have allowed the Town Council to get on with the cemetery extension. But Cllrs Giles and Thorpe stopped that by delaying the appointment of a new Town Clerk. Even when the money was available, SNTC has been very slow to appoint a new Town Clerk. Very slow. This is what can happen if the bureaucracy is underfunded. This was a Liberal Democrat decision. They should put their hands and say they were wrong.

There are choices to be made on this subject. With a growing population where are the dead going to be buried? I have to say I'm not one for the cemeteries as my family is for cremation rather than burial. If everyone who dies is buried St Neots will always run out of space. Time to make a different decision on how we deal with the dead.

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