Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Neighbourhood Forum Meeting Monday 29/03/10

I see the next Neighbourhood Forum (Agenda here) is due up on Monday 29th March 2010. Minutes of the last meeting here. This has been moved from Thursday 8th April 2010.

What interested me at the last meeting was the number of politicians and officials against the number of members of the public. According to the minutes this was 37 to 7 members of the public. Is it worth the expense so 7 members of the public can have their say?

From the minutes the attendance was:

Cllr A N Gilbert (Chairman) - Huntingdonshire District Council
Mr R Dykes - Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue
Mr P Dalton - Luminus Group
Inspector M Greenhalgh - Cambridgeshire Constabulary
Cllr C Hutton - Cambridgeshire County Council
Cllr G S E Thorpe - St. Neots Town Council & Huntingdonshire District
Council Cllr I Wilkie - Hail Weston Parish Council
Other Representatives
Cllr I C Bates - Cambridgeshire Police Authority, District & County Councillor
R Benford - Great Staughton PC
Cllr Mrs B E Boddington - Huntingdonshire District Council
Cllr B S Chapman - St Neots Town Council
Cllr K Churchill - District & County Councillor
Cllr Mrs J Cleaver - Little Paxton PC
M Curtis - Huntingdonshire District Council
Mrs S Dean - Little Paxton PC
Cllr P J Downes - District & County Councillor
Sergeant S Evans - Cambridgeshire Constabulary
C Gillam - Buckden PC
J Griffin - Little Paxton PC
Cllr A Hansard - Huntingdonshire District Council
M A Hardy - Toseland PC
Cllr D Harty - County and District Councillor
Mr T Jordan - Cambridgeshire County Council
Ms T Little - Cambridgeshire Police Authority
Cllr J Matheson - Little Paxton PC
Sergeant E McNeil - Cambridgeshire Constabulary
L Mitchell - Toseland PC
Gemma Payne - Luminus Group
H Small - Offord Cluny and Offord D'Arcy PC
Ms J Tomkins - Cambridgeshire County Council
Cllr S Van de Kerkhove- St. Neots TC
L Wallis - Luminus Group
Ms C Way - Cambridgeshire County Council
C Williams - Buckden Neighbourhood Watch
Cllr R West -
Ms C Deller,
R Reeves & MrsSquires- Huntingdonshire District Council
Public: Seven Members of the public were present.

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BarryJesus said...

That's really depressing.

The police forums seemed to work ok - a bit tedious maybe - so why change them?

And 37 councillors, officers and police officers actually sounds quite intimidating. Many people are suspicious or wary of authority figures, having so many in one place can be counter productive and discourage people from giving their views.