Thursday, March 25, 2010

Are the Liberal Democrats fighting the elections in May?

The reason I'm asking this question is there is an advert on the Priorities Magazine. This announces the Town Council is holding the Annual Town Meeting on 6th May 2010. Does the date sound familiar? It could do as the local elections are being held on this day. This is also the very likely date of the General Election.

Why is the Liberal Democrat run Town Council holding this Meeting on this day? The  Town Council Leader is Cllr Julia Hayward. Julia is Agent to Martin Land and should be running the elections campaigns on the day. A couple of Liberal Democrat Town Councillors could be standing for the District Council on that day.

To me, the message is the Liberal Democrats have already given up. The St Neots Liberal Democrats would rather be at a meeting than knocking on doors to win elections. Someone had better tell Martin Land! No wonder I'm voting UKIP!


Julia Hayward said...

"Priorites" was printed before the date for the ATM was set... a bit of a cock-up.

Dave said...

So if the date wasn't set, why was the date printed? Also where is the correction? Looking at the SNTC website there isn't one - yet.