Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A little bit of housekeeping - Comments

A bit of housekeeping for those who wish to comment on my blog using the comment available under each blog. With an up coming general and local elections I'm just want to lay down a few rules so everyone knows where they stands.
As a rule I do publish the vast majority of comments I get in. There have been two comments I haven't published. One was a blatant bit of advertising. The other was abusive.

All comments will be moderated.
My decision is final.
I will not publish anything that is abusive.
I will not publish any advertising unless I agree and get a cut.
As I don't swear on this site, if swear words are used I will delete the comment.
If you wish to make accusations then evidence needs to be provided to back up those accusations.
If you don't like these rules everyone has the ability to set up their own blog. There is nothing stopping you.
This blog is about my opinions mainly on the political scene as it affects St. Neots.

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