Sunday, March 7, 2010

Who are the "St Neots Conservative Councillors"?

In the campaigns over Car Parking and Love's Farm Community Centre, a new group has arisen. They are the St Neots Conservative Councillors. On the St Neots Community Forum I asked Cllr Ursell to inform me who are the members of this group. His reply was:

"Both Barry Chapman and I have used the term "St Neots Conservative Councillors". That can mean all or some."

This is a movable feast of a group. Who are the potential members?

County Councillors
Catherine Hutton (also a Parish Councillor on Eynesbury Hardwicke PC)
Ken Churchill (also District Councillor for Little Paxton) (District Cabinet member for Housing and Public Health)

County and District Councillor
Bob Farrer

County, District and Town Councillor
David Harty (County Cabinet member for Learning)

District Councillor
Andrew Gilbert (Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Birkenhead)
Mandy Thomas
Andrew Hansard (District Cabinet member for Resources and Policy)

District and Town Councillor
Paul Ursell (also on Eynesbury Hardwicke Parish Council)

Town Councillors
Brenda Arnold
Jennifer Bird
Barry Chapman

There are 11 Conservative Councillors representing St Neots. Of these 1 is in charge of education at County. 2 are on the District Council Cabinet.

So who are the leaders of this group? Cllrs Chapman and Ursell keep talking on behalf about St Neots Conservative Councillors. Are either these leaders of this group? I doubt it.

I will say when the term "St Neots Conservative Councillors" is used without the qualification of who this includes or excludes I will take this to mean ALL of the above named Councillors.

They even have a website. But it hasn't been updated since 4th June 2009.

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