Thursday, March 11, 2010

My comments on letters in The Hunts Post - 10/03/2010

My comments on letters in The Hunts Post - 10/03/2010 digital edition

Right to pee free - Mrs C Killick is wrong when she says closing these public toilets are an infringement of our civil liberties. Blaming the St Neots Councillors for this move is also wrong. Mrs Killick lives in Great Paxton and doesn't pay any Council Tax towards facilities paid for by St Neots Town Council. Of course the Great Paxton Parish Council could contribute to this service.

A Akers and A Burgess of The Civic Society of St Ives hit the nail on the head with the actions of the Conservative controlled HDC. " some circles this could be construed as blackmail."
Unfortunately, the financial problems that Conservative run HDC face doesn't mean HDC have the choice to cut elsewhere.

Robert Cossey-Mowle goes a bit over the top with his resolution for 24 hour opening of public buildings. The public toilets aren't so why go for a greater service?

Mrs Flynn is correct with the idea that a charge should be levied on users of these facilities as a way to pay for them. 

snrednek says: In previous blogs I've discussed the reasons behind this cut in service. I do believe the Town/Parish Councils will have to pick up many services and this will cost the St Neots Council taxpayer heavily. The main problem is HDC doesn't have a strategy to get out of this financial mess. HDC is using reserves to prop up the deficit budget. This money would be better used to get other service providers to take on these threatened services. 

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